Terms of Service

PanAPAGE Terms of Service:

Pan African Page, abbreviated PanAPAGE aims at enabling and empowering Africans and the entire world to connect with each other and bring their views together with the purpose of exchanging information that can build and strengthen communities and business development.

Our service is free of charge but we may ask you to voluntarily support us. We will ask businesses and other entities to pay us to advertise their goods and/or services.

Considering the aforementioned, if you chose to use our products, it means, you are agreeing that, we can show you advertisements that are tailor to you, which we have determined by use of your personal data. We shall not share nor sell your personal data to anyone. Our Data Policy explains our collection and use of your personal data.

In order to combat abuse and harmful behaviors, Will shall be looking out for those who misuse our products through destructive or harmful conducts toward other people and communities and protect same by taking measurable actions such as contacting law and enforcement, removing context, blocking access and disabling accounts.
This term of service is continually under review.